Two years ago, a professor at an American University took a look at the wonderful temples in Belur, Halebid and Somnathpura, and exclaimed: “It beats my mind to think that when you guys were building these, my countrymen were climbing trees.”

Ditto Kosambari, a civilisation-changing dish that shows how far advanced we were in our cuisine.

The world is only now coming to terms with the positive effects of salads, and Dr Atkins may have managed to put proteins on most menus, but for centuries Kannadigas—and dare we say some of our southern brethren—have had it as standard equipment on our plantain leaves.

At maduves, munjis, tithis, and everything else in between.

On its own or as an accoutrement.

A salad made of kadale bele (bengal gram) or hesaru bele (green gram), garnished with coconut, kotambri and chillies, and topped with oggarane, kosambari is a handy device to close all conversation on whether we are what we eat.

Cooks with innovation in their souts and spatula, throw in carrot, cucumber, moolangi, beet root and baale dindu, but even without any of those augmentations, kosambari is divine proof that the best things in life if not free are pretty simple.

Try beating the killer combo of thili saar, anna, happala, and kosambari


See the wikipedia recipe on how to make kosambari

See what another Mysorean has to say here

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  1. diehardveggi said

    The kosambari is cool n appetizing, what if some of the items are stale (being served from the stock of 06).

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