‘Can I have an extra serving of these lovely balls?’

After having left no gully and geri on Mother Earth unconquered, Kannada chauvinism is now exploring the vastness of the skies above. Former Chamarajanagar MLA and Kannada chaluvaligar Vatal Nagaraj, who has formed a new front to save himself from extinction, has demanded that airlines serve ragi mudde, ragi kadubu, huruli sambar, and upittu, along with Kannada newspapers, to passengers besides the standard airline menu of bread, tea and soft drinks.

This is a significant step up from churumuri‘s own demand for outlets serving local cuisine at the soon-to-be-opened Bangalore International Airport at Devanahalli. Staging a black flag demonstration at the under-construction airport yesterday, Nagaraj said food that reflects the “local food culture” should be served by airlines, and threatened to serve ragi mudde meals at the new airport on the day of its inauguration.

Whether Nagaraj and gang want ragi mudde to be served on domestic or international flights, we do not know. Whether they want it only on Karnatakaa airspace, we do not know. Whether they want Taj and Ambassador sky chefs to make them or local Kannada caterers, we do not know. Whether they would like Vijay Mallya and Captain G.R. Gopinath to be caught eating them to prove their Kannadiganess, we do not know.We do not know, but we can guess.

(churumuri acknowledges the presence of one G. Mudde Gowda in the protest.)

Photograph: courtesy Karnatakarecipes.blogspot.com

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  1. denice_menece said

    lovely balls…Rofl…enri muddena balls antheera…

  2. Vaz said

    And what is the stewardess supposed to say while serving …’Balls to you sir’? Good one, still chortling.

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