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What your choice of food says about you

How far has your food travelled before it reaches your table? Was it grown in some other part of the world by some facelss multinational, frozen, flown by air to your country, and transported to your supermarket by road?

Or was it grown in and around where you live by those of your own? You might ask, does it matter? The short answer, according to those who believe in the concept of “food miles”, is it does.

“There are many good reasons for eating local — freshness, purity, taste, community cohesion and preserving open space — but none of these benefits compares to the much-touted claim that eating local reduces fossil fuel consumption. In this respect eating local joins recycling, biking to work and driving a hybrid as a realistic way that we can, as individuals, shrink our carbon footprint and be good stewards of the environment.”

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