R.K. Narayan must be rolling in his grave

“Malgudi” has moved out of the novels of R.K. Narayan and into the menu cards, and a new restaurant inspired by the writer’s imagination has opened in Bangalore with branches in Marathahalli and HSR Layout.

This is the line from an advertisement for the firm:

“Offering the tongue tickling and mesmerising flavours from Kovai, Ramnad, Madurai, Arcot, Tanjore, Tirunelveli and Virudhunagar under one roof.

“Experience the pure taste of Vella Appam, Khaima Aduku Idly Roast, Elaneer Kozhambu, Chuppal Kari Kozhambu, Varutha Meen Kozhambu, Ambar Attu Iraichi Biriyani, Eraal Thokku, and many more.”



  1. KL said

    It atleast validates DB’s contention.

  2. Swami said

    Ironic that meat is being sold in gentle Malgudi. A bit disgusting. I doubt if RKN would chuckle at this.

  3. vinay said

    KRV yelliruvee???

  4. WhereTF can you find proper south Karnataka food in restaurants? No wonder we start calling our huLi as sambar, and huggi as pongal.

  5. Doddi Buddi said

    I think RKN will be very sad! This is not funny at all.
    Is there a way out here? May be we call this Malgudi as Italian restaurants–then they become ‘Bad’Gudi’s! Sorry folks, this name should not have been hijacked! Call it MeatGudi, which is more appropriate.

    What is it with all these Tamil names? Just regular names n Kannada non-vegetarian cuisines in Tamil, isn’t it? Help any one? I would love to see something like Konga Koli Curry aka Tamilian Chicken Curry:) in MeatGudi

  6. Doddi Buddi said

    God I shudder to think the misappropriation of this name!
    What next? ‘MAL’GUDI a girlie dance bar and restaurant?

    A well-stocked supermarket —Malgudi?

    Come on you greedy merchants, have the decency to think up appropriate names for your restaurants! These DMK types have hijacked RKN’s Malgudi. Next we will have Lalgudi meat shop! or an abattoir!!

  7. Arun said

    Is there a way to create a patent on the name? Long long ago, the famous Dev Anand duped RKN with the ‘Guide’ story. And in today’s bad world, nothing surprising if some hotelier is mis-using the name. On this note, I will have no compliants if Agumbe’s bus stand cafe is named Malgudi.

  8. Ranga said

    Speaking of famous names being misused, I have seen a number of so called Indian restaurants with names such as Mahathma Gandhi Tandoori and a large board lit with multicoloured phrase ‘Fully Licensed’. Given Mahathma’s practice of vegetarianism and his abhorrence towards alcohol consumption this is provocative indeed. Goven that most so called Indian restaurants in Britain are indeed Bangladeshi owned and mananged and they being mostly muslims, it is rich for muslims crying foul and causing riots when they accuse others of denigrating their religious symbols.

  9. Pulikeshi the Last said

    Stop worrying about the name. The food is godawful and the staff doesn’t speak Kannada.
    The requirement should be: No Kannada, no licence.

  10. KK everywhere said

    A few months ago they were selling duplicate Mysur Mallige using Tamil Malliges.

    And now even namma Malgudi is not spared.

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