Four more tips to curb your appetite

There is advice and there is more advice on how to curb your appetite. And Time magazine has four more tips.

1) Eat fibre

2) Brush your teeth

3) Be consistent in your meal habits

4) Slow down

Read the full story: How to curb your appetite



  1. Domingos said

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My issue is that I want to increase appetite naturally. One of the alleged boosters of appetite I found on the internet is the use of lemon juice mixed with water before meals. I am quite interested in this booster. But as i was doing research on the net, I became confused about the use of lemon juice. Some articles say lemon juice is good for weight loss; some say it is good for weight gain. So which one is right, loss or gain. Please give me more light on this subject.

  2. in kannada film industry said

    Hi Domingos,
    Lemon is juice is good to gain the weight as it makes u appetite.
    so, eat well after u drink( most imp ).. u ll gain 4 kg’s weight in 3 months..

  3. Linda Ray said

    That is simply NOT TRUE… drinking lemon juice with water before or after every meal is an appetite SUPPRESSANT, meaning it decreases the chances of wanting to eat constantly. Therefore, lemon juice with water help with weight loss, not weight gain. Believe me, I’ve been doing lemon juice and water fasting and cleanses for years now. If I drink about 16 ounces of lemon juice and water a day, for a week, and eat only two meals a day, I always lose at least 4lbs. by the end of the week, more if I omit the meals (therefore fasting).

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