If it has to be one for the road, let it be ayurveda

Most Indians can’t stop talking of the miracles of Ayurveda. But can it even temper road rage? In an Esquire article, Brian Frazer talks of how it has calmed him down, and made him less of a maniac.


I never linked my inability to relax with my diet.

Then I visited an Ayurveda specialist (the ancient science of wellness through “balanced” living; Google it—I have only two hundred words here) and discovered that I had been eating the right foods for some people but the wrong ones for my high-strung energy type.

I was handed a list of permitted foods; predictably, my favorites weren’t on it. OJ (orange juice) and pineapple were out. Sushi, too. And anything remotely spicy was to be avoided as if it had fallen on the floor and been stepped on by Louie Anderson.

At first it kind of sucked. I didn’t care for asparagus or turkey and had never seen a mung bean. But I needed less sugar and more fat. I followed the regimen and the changes were instantaneous and lasting: I calmed down, my road rage vanished, and people didn’t seem as annoying.

I do get a little ragey thinking about how much my daily mango-raspberry puree and aloe-vera juice run me (ten dollars, and that’s just breakfast). But while my neighbours still think I’m a maniac, now it’s only when they see me breaking my weekly coconut in the driveway with a mallet.

Brian Frazer is the author of Hyper-Chondriac.


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