What do they put in pet food?

The death of nine cats and a dog due to kidney failure has led to the recall of 60 million units by a US pet food maker suspecting the wheat in it. But what do they put in pet food?

The Explainer on Slate says pet food contains meat that we don’t want for ourselves, mostly animal parts that humans rarely consume—heads, bones, blood, and organs. It might also contain parts from sick or dying animals. Rendering plants grind the meat byproducts and ship the meal to pet-food makers.

“The meal is combined with carbohydrates such as corn, thickeners like guar gum, vitamins, minerals, food coloring, and preservatives. To make wet food, this glop is then heated in a pressure cooker and canned or sealed in a pouch.

“For dry pellets, the stuff is heated, cut into tiny pieces, dried, and then wrapped for shipment. More expensive brands tend to have fixed formulas, while cheaper brands change recipes to include ingredients that happen to be selling cheap.”

Read the full article here: What do they put in pet food?


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