If there’s no tissue paper in the toilet…

It’s a sight familiar to Indian restaurant (and pub and bar) goers. Great ambience, great food, great drinks. But the moment the time arrives to unload the bladder, horror.

Why, you wonder in anger, can’t they spend a bit more money and build better loos? Why do the taps leak? Why are there so many stains on the wall? Why can’t they have more space so that you don’t knock over your neighbour while zipping yourself up? Brighter lights? More tissue paper? Flushes that work?

Why, for heaven’s sake, is there a little bowl at the bottom of the two men’s urinals in Koshy‘s, Bangalore, as if they are collecting samples for random dope testing?

Rama Nayak‘s in Matunga, Bombay, used to have a little sign hanging atop the kitchen: “Customers are welcome to inspect the kitchen.” How many of our restaurants and pubs and bars have the courage and cleanliness to hang some on top of their toilets exhorting customers to take a peek?

Such a pleasure, therefore, to see Sally Peck go to an uber-chic underground eatery in London and find the situation is no different in Ol’ Blighty aka bilayati.

Read the full story: Great food, shame about the loos


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