Does drinking too much water make you an idiot?

Drinking water has been elevated to a panacea in recent times. The walking encyclopaedia of the Raghulal family who runs Narasimha Medicals in Shama Rao buildings in Vontikoppal says he drinks three large one-litre bottles of water first thing in the morning, every morning.

At home, mothers gulp down water as if we are going to run out of it tomorrow morning—and wives keep depositing fresh glasses of water in your eyeline so you don’t forget. Assorted doctors prescribe drinking “as much water as you want” because it will do you no harm; at least it will get the bowels moving properly.

Permit us, M’lords, to present two pieces of written evidence to the contrary.

Exhibit A: Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me, NPR’s fantastic news quiz, recently quoted a University of Bristol (or Edinburgh) research report as saying that drinking too much water increases idiocy!

Exhibit B: Page 11 of the paperback version of the cult book Freakonomics, which while stating that the conventional wisdom is often wrong, goes on to say that “surprise, drinking eight glasses of water a day has never actually been shown to do a thing for your health.”

So, does drinking too much water make one an idiot? Or is it already a proven fact?



  1. Dheerendragopal said

    Somone in California recently died after drinking too much water reportedly of gall bladder ‘BLAST’

  2. My mother has recently started terrorizing me (long distance) about drinking a few liters of water in the morning. She also points out that it is a good way to lose weight. While that might be true, I would much rather fill my stomach with something nutritious first thing in the morning.

    Here is a totally politically incorrect take on this. Is it possible that all the women who insist on everyone drinking a few glasses of water in the morning do it only to avoid preparing breakfast? Does that explain why it is becoming so popular? Any takers for this hypothesis?

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  4. NO. am sorry to say for all these english types of researches. They come up to state one thing and do the opposite later. Example myself.

    TO control BP, ATEN a beta blocker is suggested due to a study that these are safe on human beings.

    Latest report as suggested by lancet says that research has shown after 5 years, that ATEN usage has lead to heart attacks!

    Now tell me which report to believe in. Just wait for the edingburgh professor to conclude his thesis. Mean while drink water as much as you think is sufficient and dont get terrorized over it.

  5. ravi said


    these Iyers ain’t Raghulal’s family.

    Raghulal was a bachelor/issueless wealthy business man(there are too many conspiracy theories about this too!) who bequeathed his shop to his trusted lieutenant — who’s related to this gentleman.


  6. boringjournalist said

    It is difficult to believe what the modern researchers says. they come out with some nuggets of wisdom to prove a single point, without being holistic in their approach and take an overall outlook. And the lay newspaper readers are taken for a ride, while a naive newspaper circulates the story.

    many people have experienced the good effects of drinking water regularly in the morning. If you go by this story, all of them are turning to be idiots, while they continue to enjoy the good health because the practice they are following.

    It is time somebody puts an end to any single point nugget of wisdom pourng out of single point research, which is more misleading than enlightening the people and improve the life.

  7. M. Basavaraj said

    I quite agree with ‘boringjournalist’ that the modern researchers say one thing today and contradict the same sooner than later. The newspapers publish both the versions leaving the readers flabbergasted at cross roads. As for drinking lots of water, I feel it is better to follow the policy of the ‘golden mean’ instead of being obsessed with anything.

  8. Sachin said

    In my opinion everything has a limit; if we can have indigestion problem by eating too much, then there may be some side kicks because of over consumption of water also. But water is the source of life for every living being and the most precious natural resource; man can live without petrol, but not without water.

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