When Gandhi tried to turn India non-vegetarian

OK, so you think you know everything there is to know about vegetarianism? Tristram Stuart‘s The Bloodless Revolution, a cultural history of vegetarianism from 1600 to modern times, throws up interesting nuggets.

# Did you know the word “vegetarianism” was coined only in the 1840s?

# Did you know that Isaac Newton passionately wanted his scientific revolution to be accompanied by a “bloodless revolution”?

# Did you know that Adolf Hitler would interrupt his  political meetings to lobby for vegetarianism?

# Did you know that when Mahatma Gandhi came to England in 1888, he was determined to one day convert India away from vegetarianism, convinced as he was that “if the whole country took to meat-eating, the English could be overcome.” Instead the British Vegetarian Society, in a return of influence, inspired him to become a “born-again vegetarian.”

Read the full article here: The way of no flesh



  1. greatunknown said

    If I’m not mistaken, Hitler is said to have justified his being a vegetarian thus: “I do not wish to make my stomach the graveyard of animals!”

  2. That is rich coming from Hitler.

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