If veg is so good, why doesn’t it show?

Nary a day passes without somebody or the other, somewhere or the other, extolling the virtues of vegetarianism. Good for the body. No, good for the mind. Wait, good for body and the mind. The debates are raging. But, if vegetarianism is so magical, why, in this largely vegetarian country, have its perceived benefits not been so visible? Why, for example, have we had the worst scourges course through our nation? And, hey, why have we produced just a couple of Nobel laureates?

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  1. Doddi Buddi said

    Vegetarianism improves the mind but we need NV to build the body:)

    NV can be milk, butter, thuppa, eggs, fish, chicken, mutton, and so on.

  2. Suma said

    I don’t understand the relation between noble prize and vegetarianism nanna knowledge prakara Einsteine vegetatrian so buddhi irorella NV galu antha helodakke aagalla veg foods definetly bring results it improves ur concentration keeps ur body light and fit. That is why it is called satvika aahara it brings ur aggressive nature. Doddda buddhi avare body buildingge jana ona drakshi badani uthuthe adanella thinthare kanri (especiallykusthimadoJattigalu )

  3. Doddi Buddi said

    Suma awarey,

    Idhu Blogu…thumbha serious aagi thagobedi

    Nanna point eenappa andhrey milk, eggs yellanoovey NV antha astey; idhrindha namma satvika aharadhawarella swalpa worry madkotharey yochane madtha

    Nimma last sentence artha aaglilla swalpa sariyagi heli: jattigalu vana drakshi, badami thintharey…thinly bidi.. ‘uthuthe’ yenu? Gotthaglilla!

  4. Suma said

    Uthuthe andare Karjura (Dates) Nanu pointu enappa andare body buildingge NV beda antha. Anda hage blog nalli serious agodu thappe? if so i am sorry

  5. vinay said

    recently there was a study in the british journal which had some interesting data on the effects of veg diet and IQ. refer to http://vegetarian.about.com/b/a/256592.htm

  6. KV Sarma said

    ‘Vegetarian’ is misnomer for Indian food. Because, it includes milk and many milk products and avoids certain common vegetables such as onion, garlic and spices like cinnamon (some don’t even use ginger.) The prescribed food for mental and spiritual growth in Indian traditions is to be ‘Satvik’, which includes satvik subsets of vegetarian and non-veg foods (such as milk products.) Even in milk products, stuff like paneer is not considered satvik.

    These are the days of traditional values being questioned, ignored, forgotten, broken, eroded etc. often due to lack of understanding about them. People who don’t understand that Indian way of life prescribes satvik food, think that it is ‘vegetarian’. Then in the same ignorance they either switch to veganism or with a revolutionary attitude venture to non-vegetarianism.

    One who abstains from attacking despite having great strength is much superior to the one who goes around bullying and making false use of strength. India never attacked any other country in the past millenium and more. Also, there was no destructive technology that has originated from India. I don’t mean that it is because India is largely vegetarian country (though it is not so, in fact), but because of the value system of India. Satvik diet is one such value based way of life.

  7. Doddi Buddi said

    Suma awarey

    Uthuthe andhre karjoora antha nanage gotthiralilla. Thumba thanks. Eee KV Sarma garu comments are very similar to what I expressed.

    Blognalli swalpa hecchu kadimey mathadbahadu adhrindha nanu swalpa serious vicharana tamashey madi heltha yirthini astey

  8. Raghu said

    Cow eat vegetarian and if you eat cow you get vegetarian. Point is ultimately everything converts to protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. History says that Indians became vegetarian only about 1500 years ago. Before they were too omnivorous. Best diet you can follow is that of tribal people. They go to gather fruits, roots and hunt. Some times they get big games like deer and sometimes smaller ones like small bird. They bring back whatever they gather and eat by sharing. So each one of them mostly get only smaller portion of meat and mostly eat fruits and roots. So, moderation is the key here. Eat whatever you want but in moderation.

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