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Green Peace Fry could spark a war of words

Sunaad Raghuram wrote about Human Balls on Sale in Mysore not too long ago. Almost a year later, little seems to have changed at the Grand Maurya resort. Good food, moderate prices, and as Hari Krishna would attest, “chennagi kodthaare, sir”. But even a new menu card, with new rates, hasn’t ironed those delightful glitches.

For starters, “Veg Balls in Human Style” is still available in the Chinese category.

Paneer Sathy,” evokes images of—horror—Panneer flooding Sathyamangalam, but you only need to look at the following item to understand that it is “Panneer Satay” that they are referring to.”

Steamded Chicken” is a Freudian slip-up of the state of the poor bird. And there is “Prowns Chicken Hong Kong Chopsuiey” and “Mutton Dieced in Red Wine Sauce” and so on.


We are not complaining. Mistakes like these add to the colour of our restaurants. Send us some goof-ups you have spotted. Let not history say we did a poor job of documenting how our menu card writers were dictionary-challenged.

A nice book for the best entry.


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Oh, fish! Blame your mom for what she ate

It’s not who your parents were, or how rich or poor they were, but how much fish your mother ate while carrying you that accounts for how bright or weak you are today. That, in sum, is the conclusion of the largest study of its kind. The study published by Lancet last week of 14,541 babies born in 1991-92, shows that women who ate more than 340 gms of seafood had kids with signficantly higher Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

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