What if we told you Smirnoff is not Russian?

Putinka. Etalon. Veda. G8. Standard Imperia. Flagman Night Landing. Belaya Zolota. Parliament. Beluga. Rusky Brilliant. Yuri Dolgoruki.

Eleven premium brands of Russian vodka. And one man—Brett Forest—to taste and grade them all in one night. Only one of them got an A+

“Firewater is what vodka has always been, devoid of the oaken lineage of its darker cousins—and the high-nosed finery that can too easily get in the way of a good drunk. One does not inhale vodka’s bouquet, but one may use vodka to sterilize a wound on the knee, as familiar a sight to the serious vodka drinker as the shot glass and the handful of ibuprofen.”

Read the full story here: The great vodka taste test


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