Read all about it! The worst meal in my life!!

Vinod Mehta, editor-in-chief of Outlook magazine, has an item in his “Delhi Diary” this week, on his pet topic: food.

“We all remember outstanding meals, but what about the horrible? A renowned food critic once invited me to his house and served easily the worst meal I’ve had in my life; a close second was the “Bogart Special” I consumed in Casablanca. The renowned critic offered his piece de resistance, lobster, well past midnight. It was ghastly. But one had to be polite.

“Restaurant critics in India tend to be extra kind because most upmarket eateries are situated in 5-star hotels who are big advertisers. One offends at them at peril. So, I was intrigued to read that an Italian restaurant in Belfast had been awarded 25,000 pounds as damages for a “defamatory, damaging and hurtful” review. The culprit had called the Chicken Masala “so sweet as to be inedible”.

“Outside our food-crazy republic, food critics are treated as national treasures and their fame depends on how rude they can be. Restaurant reviewing is a form of bloodsport. Here is Michael Winner of The Sunday Times, London, tearing into a joint in Chelsea.

“‘I’ve had the worst meal I’ve ever eaten. Not by a small margin. I mean the worst! The most unrelievedly awful! You don’t need to be an atomic scientist to grill steaks. They arrived so raw you could have drowned swimming in the blood’.”

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