Country cuisine crashlands in new airport

ARUN PADAKI writes: Sometime back, the Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) announced a tie-up with famed dining outlets operating at many international airports the world over, and a few Indian new-age restaurants that sell burgers, pizzas, cappuccinos and choco-chip with sundaes on vanilla. That’s one too many to satiate any appetite.

As we all know, it is in Karnataka where the famous masala dosa originated. And, again, as we all know, it is on the hills of Karnataka in Coorg and Chikmagalur that the best coffee beans in this part of the world are grown, from which the most aromatic filter kaapi of South India is brewed.

Ironically, neither of these two and a host of other local delicacies seemingly have any place in the food courts at the upcoming international airport.

All the eateries, it seems, have been set up or are going to be set up with a Westerner’s (or a “globalised” Indian’s) palate in mind.

Well, we cannot expect to feast on a dosa or a crisp vada at Warsaw airport, but certainly, at Bangalore we should not be deprived of having jolada rotti with yengai or a simple South Indian thali?

Can one imagine Milan airport without pizzas or Johannesburg airport without biltong? No way!

BIAL should provide an outlet, of course airport-class, which sells the best of Karnataka cuisines from Udupi, Mysore, Karwar, Belgaum or Dharwad. I have a case for our own Nandini brand of milk products and savouries as well.

These are great local success stories and should be showcased at all levels. The best way to cherish the memories or savour the first taste of Karnataka can’t be without a piece of Mysore pak melting in the mouth or Belgaum-kundha at the new Bangalore International Airport. Yes, at the new Bangalore International airport!

Bidding adieu or according a warm welcome could not be any better with namma goodies. Even for the Westerner and the globalised Indian.

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  1. Arun saab, why don’t you run for office. I will vote for you. 🙂 Thanks for the super piece.

  2. Arun said

    God willing…will do so…

  3. Mallika said

    I agree, we should promote local food, art, culture in our international airports. We don’t get Masala Dosa in SFO or LA. Then why we are selling pizza’s and hotdog and burger in BIA….Jago India jago !!!!

  4. dolashree said

    you have my vote too… make sure you let people know that peripheries of kannada food are not restricted to idly and dosa… i want to see soppina saaru and maskai on the BIAL menu!!!!

  5. Gururaj said

    Brilliant idea!!! Definitely we should get our local savor branded in BIA…

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