Life’s small pleasures are made of these

BAPU SATYANARAYANA writes: My memory goes back some sixty-five years, when I was 7 or 8 years old, when our mother’s doddamma used to visit us frequently.

Doddamma lived in Hullahalli, and we children used to look forward to her sojourns with great expectation because of the delightful home-made thindis she used to lug along in her trademark snuff-coloured bag.

As soon as we spied her we would swarm round her to take charge of the booty. Since she was very particular of madi she would shoo us away and open her bag herself with a smile on her lips.

I remember three items she used to bring along very vividly: benne biskath which melted in the mouth without our having to bit into it; rave unde which was ever so soft and just a tad juicy; and kodbale that crackled and unleashed all its spicy hypnotism at a spurt.

Occasionally dodamma used to bring hurihittu. Of course my mother would take it all to the kitchen and would distribute it equally among us later.

But the news of dodamma coming was always enough to send a tingle down our tongues. And she never failed.

The other delight was the sense of pride I felt when I was studying in Sharada Vilas college.

My mother was well known among our friends and our teachers for her delectable preparatioin of menthyada dose and filter coffee—coffee filtered not through a steel sieve as is the norm these days but but through a piece of cloth.

In fact, whoever dropped in at any time of the day was sure to get the coffee. My teachers used to tease me: “yavaaga namge mentyada dose matthu coffee kodisthiappa?” The request was always fulfilled, sooner rather than later.

Such were the small pleasures of life but small was always more than enough in the magical land of kosambari.


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  1. Doddi Buddi said

    BS Avarey

    Nimma kathey kelidhmelay, Kailasm natakdhalli baro, “Methyadh Dose, Kotthambari Chutney Venkamma” gnapakakke bartharey!

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