‘Yella OK, Mohan Lal yaake?’

We seemingly had no problem with a film star who has modelled for Bagpiper whisky being our Union’s health minister (Shatrughan Sinha). But somehow the sight of Mohan Lal peering down from hoardings, munching banana chips, and asking “What’s up this evening?” seems to have got our Malayalee brethren all hot and het up under their mundus.

All the usual stuff of direct advertising, setting a poor example for youngsters, etc, have been bandied. But has the actor who also advertises chyawanprash done something that countless stars before him have not, which is to encash their popularity as if there were no tomorrow?

Much ado over nothing, or rising illiberalism?

See the BBC story here: Trouble brews over alcohol ads



  1. Chetan Krishnaswamy said

    Interesting tidbit for Kosambari: Mohan Lal owns a restraunt called Harbour Market at Bangalore’s 37th Crescent Hotel. Specialises in sea-food and Kerala prawns….

  2. Doddi Buddi said

    Mogan Lal is saying, “Gho Bananyaas with chipsey and drinksey.”

    Go Mogan Lal

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