The CSR of the average Bangalore darshini

PALINI R. SWAMY writes: Every weekday morning, I go past Gandhi Bazaar in Bangalore on the way to work, and every morning I am at once pleased and startled to see a couple of hearses parked near the petrol bunk on K.R. Road.

Pleased, because the hearses have been donated by a wellknown “darshini” in the area, corporate social responsibility and all that. But I am also startled because there is something morbid, methinks, about a restaurant (“We also do outside catering”) underwriting vans to carry the dead, some of whom could very well have been its customers.

Is the “darshini” doing paschataapa for the stuff it dishes out by being part of a patron’s last lap? Or is there some devious trick here: like do they give a 10 per cent discount on “tithi vades” for families who use their hearses? And, when the vans are not being used for the purpose they were meant, is some cost-conscious manager employing them to transport hittu, pudi and tarkari?

I wonder, but with tongue firmly locked in sambaar-stained cheek.


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  1. Vijay said

    Hmm.. this is indeed “food for thought”…

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