The uddhina vade theory of newspapers

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: As the maani brought the Paper Dosa at the Press Club canteen, I noticed holes on the dosa.

When I enquired why there were holes, he replied, “We file our paper dosas here, Sir. I served it fresh from the file. The holes are from the punching machine!”

As I started eating the dosa, I found a vada below it! I told the maani, I had not ordered for it.

“Don’t worry! We won’t charge you for it. Today is Sunday. The vada comes as a supplement with the paper dosa!”

Statutory Warning: Kosambari cannot guarantee that this joke will evoke a laugh in all readers. In fact, we cannot even guarantee that the same joke will evoke the same reaction in the same reader upon a second reading.

First posted on churumuri on 10 May 2006


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