Lunch time lessons for doctors

S.S. PRASANNA writes: I was at the 13th day ceremony of a friend’s mother this afternoon. They had laid out a gorgeous spread, and the invitees were leaving no plantain leaf unturned to ensure that the good lady reached whereever these ceremonies were supposed to take her.

There was a rich, imposing-looking man sitting next to me at the table. All through the meal he had not uttered a word. But just when we commenced slurping the rasam, we were brutally interrupted by the shrill scream of a cell phone.

It was my neighbour’s.

Without a second thought, our man pulled out his slinky instrument and bellowed loudly, “Yenu illa. Nanna patient Vaikunta Samaradhanege bandidde.…”

I wondered.



  1. M O H A N said

    Ha ha ha 🙂

    That was a good one.

    Keep up the posts.

  2. Veena said

    Hilarious one!
    paapa Doctoru, paapa patientu…!

  3. Veena madam,
    Just like “Hendthige helbedi”
    Now “Gandange helbedi”

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