GUTTER CHICKEN: The Punjabification of our food

Have we lost all self-esteem about our food? Or have our tongues and palates become ridiculously cosmopolitan in the globalised era?Vishweshwar Bhat, the executive managing editor of Vijaya Karnataka, says that for his father’s tithi oota recently, the caterers said they would recommend a “fast-moving item”.

And what was that? Gobi Manchurian. Yes, Gobi Manchurian, or Gobi Manchuri as it is called on the streets.

Is there any hope for our food—the one component of our culture that touches everybody—in face of this relentless Punjabification of our cuisine?

Forget Kannada Rakshana Vedike, what we really need is a Kannada Thindi-Ooota Rakshana Vedike.

First posted on churumuri on 6 May 2006



  1. Raja said

    Its quite interesting. Ya, we fing Gobi Manchuri everywhere. It is eating away our Tindis

  2. astroshiva said

    Karnataka cuisine is crossing the panjabification era and moving towards globalisation with the arrival of Pizza, burger and chopsuey in to the cities like Mangalore and Bangalore.
    My city of Mangalore – which is very famous for its local delicacies like pathrode, addeya, and fish items – is slowly turning towards western junk food. Now in our city we have almost all major international food brands thanks to the Mall culture. I think our food items will only be remembered alonfg with Red Indians or Dodo birds (Extinct)

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